Chapter 3 : Tenko!

「Otou-san, Otou-san!」

A beautiful fox-eared girl around 12 years old was calling me Otou-san while embracing and rubbing her cheeks on my chest.
She’s warm and soft, and adorable, it became like this somehow.

「Umm…, Nice to meet you. I’m the one who created you. My name is–」

Let’s see, what was it again?
Come to think of it…, I haven’t remembered my name yet.
I separate from the beautiful fox-eared girl; she looks at me with curiosity.

「I forgot to tell you. Demon King of Creation Procell. That is your name.」

March kindly tells that to me.
Procell. It feels comfortable when I mutter it.
Demon King of Creation Procell– That’s my name.

「Since March knows about my name that I don’t even know, does that mean that you also know about my past?」
「No, I don’t know anything about it. I only came here because I was requested to look after the newly born Demon King of Creation Procell. Other than that, I don’t know anything about you.」
「I was born, I was born a little while ago. Doesn’t that mean that I didn’t exist in the past until I met March?」

Judging from March’s story, I’m a baby that’s less than one day old.

「That’s right. You are a newborn baby. Well, for a Demon King who was born with some education and knowledge, it’s easy to misunderstand. However, you didn’t exist in the past.」

That’s a lie.
Even if I can’t remember, I’m sure of that.
Because, when I was fighting the blue wolf, I summoned the automatic pistol called Quartz 19 with【Creation】.
Still, my【Creation】is–.

『【Creation】: Able to materialise anything that exists in your memory. However, with your current magic power, summoning living beings is not possible. MP consumption is equal to 1/10th of a gramme.』

In other words, I have knowledge of Quartz 19.
It is impossible that my past doesn’t exist.
However, even if I ask her, it might be pointless.

「Muuu, Otou-san. Isn’t it mean for you to talk to other people even though I’m talking?」

The beautiful fox-eared girl puffs her cheeks.
When I nearly unconsciously pat her head, she seemed comfortable and closed her eyes.
What a cute creature.

「Sorry, I’ll introduce myself again. I am Demon King of Creation Procell. You can call me Procell.」
「I understand! Procell-sama! But……, Otou-san is okay too, right? Is calling you that no good?」

The beautiful fox-eared girl looks at me with upturned eyes.
Otou-san; I repeat the sweet word in my mind many times.

「Of course, it’s okay. It’s because I’m your otousan, right?」

The girl clings around my neck, she clings with even more strength and wags her fluffy fox tail.

「Otou-san, I like you very much. Umm, I’ll introduce myself next. My race is Tenko! I’m reeeaaally strong. My name is– As yet I have no name.」

Are you Natsume Soseki!?1
Such a tsukkomi came out. Huh? Who is Natsume Soseki?
Is it related to my missing memories?
In the first place, what the heck am I before I became a Demon King?

「Otou-san, please give me a name. I want you to give me a name, Otou-san.」

The beautiful fox-eared girl lets go of her embrace and looks at me with upturned eyes.
Of course, it must be good.
I must think of a cute name.

「Alright, I thought of an excellent name. Your name is–」

The moment I tried to tell the name, March closes my mouth.

「Stop. A Demon King shouldn’t bestow a name to his subordinates carelessly; especially for the first three. As expected of a Tenko. To think about that, how cunning.」

March informs me since I’m a little flustered.
The beautiful fox-eared girl separates from me a little and avoids my gaze.

「Listen, when a demon acquires a name, it’s the only one in their entire race that becomes a unique monster. In the case of the Demon King, their souls will become connected. Your power gets distributed, and conversely, the demon’s power is received. The strength of the connection referred to as【Demon’s oath】is remarkably different for the first three in particular. It’s not possible to redo it. If there is no resolution to be together for their whole life, you must not do it.」

My head that was blindly caught up due to the cuteness of the beautiful fox-eared girl suddenly calmed down.

「Tenko, a high-ranked demon with flame attribute and beast attribute. They have overwhelming strength, excellent unique ability, and are also intelligent. However, without closely looking at the personality and affinity but only at the ability, you should not bestow a name. You had lost your right to make a【Demon’s Oath】, which cannot be done easily except for the first three only.」

March glares at the beautiful fox-eared girl.
Then, the beautiful fox-eared girl averts her face. She awkwardly whistled.
To be honest, this child might be black-hearted.

「The demon created by the Demon King has absolute obedience, and cannot damage the Demon King. However, it does not mean that they don’t have self-interest. It’s necessary to be careful of a demon with intelligence. Isn’t that right, Tenko?」

The beautiful fox-eared girl cannot bear March’s cross-examination anymore and for some reason, somersaults.
The girl’s appearance transformed into a lovely fox cub.
The cuteness and fluffiness are different from her previous appearance; her paws are pitch-black.

「I, am just a fox cub that’s why I can’t understand such difficult things!」

She says in a cheerful tone.
She’s obviously dodging the question. But still– she’s too cute.
I couldn’t endure and hugged the fox cub.
It’s fluffy and silky, hugging it is the best feeling.

「It’s because you’re just a fox cub, right? You only wanted a name, didn’t you?」
「It is as Otou-san says, I only wanted to have a name.」

My heart wavers.
However, it still cannot be done.
I gently lower the fox cub.

「Although I want to give you a name– I’ll do it after I confirm your strength and personality. The moment when I believe that we can live together for a long time, I’ll give you a name once again. Until then, I’ll call you by your race, Tenko.」
「I understand! I’ll appeal to the fullest extent to Otou-san to show how helpful I am. And then I’ll get a name!」

In an instant, Tenko’s uninterested facial expression quickly seems to be floating. Her selfishness is very high.
However, that implike part of her is also cute.

「Fuu, that was dangerous. Basically, as a Demon King, for your first demon to have a high intelligence and to be able to use a language, although I’d like to avoid it, there must be something about you.」

I tilt my head.

「Why? Isn’t it easier to give instructions if it can speak and if the head is good?」

March shakes her head to my words.

「You can get deceived just like now, above all, they have emotions. The demons used against humans as shields for us, Demon Kings, are called “expendable supplies”. Speaking of, in the case of an emergency, they are “unusable” demons .」

What, there’s such a thing?
I don’t have to worry.

「It’s alright. I won’t kill using this child. This child is my first demon. I created this child wishing that we will be together for a long time. Fighting and surviving together. That’s why it’s alright– And although it’s cold-hearted, I’ll properly make demons used for killing and create them with corresponding ability.」
「……I’m a little relieved. You sounded a little scary. In some way, you might be crueller than other Demon Kings.」

March smiles wryly.
And, she claps her hands.

「I’ll teach you another thing. You can see the level of a creature of this world if you observe the other party. And, in the case of a Demon King, it’s possible to see the specific status of their created demons. ……Well, it’s even possible to peek into others’ demons if they have a skill like me. You should look at the status of the Tenko.」
「I understand. Tenko. I’ll take a look.」

Because the Tenko in the form of a fox cub raised her voice in agreement, I look at her status.

Race: Tenko S Rank
Name: Unnamed
Level: 1
Strength S Endurance B+ Agility S Magical Power S+ Luck A Uniqueness EX
Skills: Transformation Ruler of Flame Complete Magic Immunity Extreme Speed Enhanced Reflexes Future Sight

I see, so this is status, huh.

「It shows the rank in the Status.」
「That’s right. The most important thing is the Race’s Rank. For example, the Status has a relation to the Rank, so it means that there is a difference between an A Rank race and an S Rank race. An S Rank race with A Stats is comparable to an A Rank with A+ Stats and a B Rank with S Stats. When you raise the level, the ability rises according to the rank in Status.」

A straightforward explanation.
I try to look at the Tenko’s status based on it.
S Rank race and all stats are very high level.

「Hey, no matter where you look at, Tenko’s status is quite broken, isn’t it?」
「It is extremely broken, right? That’s the power of your【Creation】Medal. In the first place, a Demon King cannot create an S Rank demon. I might get a reward from my superior.」

Three medals are used instead of the usual two, and in addition to that A Rank Medals were used entirely, it might be the reason that a demon with unreasonable power was born.

「Ahem, Tenko is strong, you know!」

The lovely fox cub, whether or not she’s aware of our feelings, proudly throws out her chest.
……Who will believe that such a cute fox cub has an overwhelming strength?

「I understand how to create demons. On that note, let’s steadily create more demons.」

A battle needs numbers.
A strong demon, when surrounded by several times its number, won’t be able to do anything.
Then, I suddenly remember.

「A Demon King can only make a medal once a month– That’s too long.」

The remaining time span is too long.

「Well, that’s the case when using original medals, there is the limit of once a month. It’s also a problem if a Demon King uses only their medals every time. Exchanging with other Demon Kings is an important strategy.」

It certainly seems so.
Especially for me who needs two more medals besides my medal.
This time, I was able to receive the medals thanks to March’s favour, but it won’t be like that every time.
I need to get other Demon Kings’ medals by my power.

「I understand. There are three ways to create demons, first, buying weak G Rank and F Rank demons with DP. Another is buying once created demons and two ranks below it in the same family with DP. And last is through synthesis of your created medals with other Demon Kings’ medals obtained through negotiations.」

These are the three key points.
I will probably focus on the second option. G and F are too weak and useless. And for the third method, there is a limit of once a month.
If that’s the case, I’ll focus on using the second method and create a lot of demons with moderate strength.
For instance, I have created an S Rank Tenko so it’s possible to buy her and B Rank demons in the same family; this is great.
However, I have to continue using the third method of synthesising medals to increase the variation of demons that I can buy with the second method.

「I’ll add another thing, to be honest, there is a loophole in medal synthesis. A while ago, I talked about original medals and imitation medals, right? I’ll teach you about its meaning, effectiveness and practical use. We use them a lot.」

And, March-sensei’s demon course continues.
Imitation2— the direct translation is counterfeit or fake1. Which reminds me, my Creation Medal cannot be used in synthesis if the other medals are not original.
What is an imitation medal?

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1 I am a Cat. As yet I have no name.

2 イミテート
3 模造

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